Master in Arts in Business

Why You Need a Master of Arts in Business Degree*

The Master of Arts in Business will provide students with the knowledge they need to meet their personal and professional educational goals, as well as the requirements of today’s complex business environment. Below are a few scenarios where an MA in Business can make the difference in developing an exciting career opportunity.

During your career, you may find yourself wishing that you had a better grasp of deeper business concepts, even if your dream job doesn’t fit the mold of standard “business.”

Consider this scenario: You are a talented designer with a fine arts undergraduate degree in search of a career with an interior design company. You have the talent, the drive, and the creative skills necessary to be successful. However, when you look through the job responsibilities of an open director position, you see that it requires that you:

The MA in Business can prepare you to answer “yes” to all of these requirements. Your management, finance, and accounting courses will give you the business knowledge to successfully handle the job responsibilities, while your communications course will help you confidently convey your skills and business acumen and prove your ability to effectively sell your new company to clients.
You’ve decided to put your plan of running your own business into motion. You have a dream, but no formal business training. You might find that your dream will have to wait after a trip to the bank to secure a small business loan. The questions from the loan officer are straightforward, but you don’t have all the answers:

  • How is your business different than the competition? How is it better or where does it need improvement? What are the market dynamics? How will you articulate this in your marketing?
  • Can you proceed with a portion of the funding you need? What are your projected cash flows? How much debt can you take on?
  • What additional costs can you expect during the first year of business? Will you be able to invest in automation?

This scenario is common. There are countless business ideas and products that are never realized because of a lack of business know-how. The MA in Business will provide the skills necessary to:

You’re getting ready to re-enter the workforce. There are any number of reasons why you left: You may have voluntarily left for family reasons or you may have been laid off during the recession. Whatever the reason, you’re ready to jump back in.

For those who chose undergraduate degrees in fields such as political science, history, communications, criminal justice or any number of specialized technical areas, getting back into the workforce after an extended period off can be a challenge.

Almost every aspect of business has changed over the past decade, from technology to communications, and from management practices to emotional intelligence. Here are a few of the skills most employers are looking for in today’s job market:

The MA in Business will integrate these abilities with your core job skills and increase your opportunities as you re-enter the workforce.

Many successful professionals have found that success often leads to promotion and added responsibility.

In all of these scenarios, there is a need for graduate-level business skills in management, finance, IT, and communications.

An MA in Business will prove to your employer that you have the initiative to add to your credentials, and more importantly, it will prepare you to take on the challenges of today’s ever-changing business climate.


The Master of Arts in Business program has been submitted to the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) for final approval. For additional information, contact the Higher Learning Commission at or 312-263-0456. It is not accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP). ACBSP requires new programs to be in place for two years and have graduates from the program before it will be reviewed for accreditation. As a new program, it will be reviewed in 2019 for specialized accreditation by the ACBSP.

Updated: October 24, 2017