Master in Arts in Business

Q: How long does it take to complete the Walsh MAB?

A: An MAB student taking two online courses per semester could complete the degree in approximately six semesters.

Q: Will I need to take a GMAT to apply for admission to graduate school?

A: There are no standardized graduate test requirements for any graduate program at Walsh. An overall cumulative GPA requirement of 2.75 or higher is necessary. Students who do not meet this requirement may be granted provisional acceptance and should meet with an advisor to discuss options.

Q: Can someone help me make decisions regarding my course schedule?

A: Our advising staff is ready to help you every step of the way. We suggest you speak to one of our advisors during your decision-making process.

Q: Can I complete this graduate 100 percent online?

A: Yes, MAB courses are offered online only.

Q: How will the MAB help in my career?

A: This degree is uniquely designed to build business knowledge for those with a non-business undergraduate degree. Master’s degrees are designed to add education to work experience. Walsh advisors can help you evaluate all graduate offerings so you can choose the degree to best match your career goals.